Making a Deal with Disruption

Making a Deal with Disruption

Blue Ocean Strategy calls you to rethink the “function-emotional orientation” of your industry and pushes you to make a strategic shift to redefine your clients, to shape trends, and to be a pioneer so you can offer unprecedented value. This all sounds rather disruptive does it not?

Disruption is something we tend to avoid. We associate it with volatility and unpredictability, which we equate with instability. Doing anything transformative that will allow to you unlock unprecedented value requires you to invite disruption in your life and let it into your firm.

Sounds scary.

Your firm is probably humming along just fine. You have clients coming in the door, people seem to like you, and you know you’re drafting legally proper estate plans. Great! So, you’ve grown complacent. Maybe you’re okay with that, just humming along doing what you have always done, maybe updating systems here and there, and drafting trusts and wills and sending your clients on their way until some distant future when you hear from them or one of their family members after a death or incapacitation.

Except, we are not okay with that. We all need someone to give us a shove when we grow complacent. Consider this your wake-up call. We are not berating you, merely letting you know that you can do more. You can make your firm vocational instead of a 9 to 5, that isn’t actually a 9 to 5 because you work into the night, on weekends, and sometimes settle into your desk before dawn. All those long hours and the guilt about taking a vacation, you can overcome that.

Think back to the very beginning when you became an attorney, back to those demanding hours of law school. Something fueled your passion. There was something calling you to be a lawyer. Calling, vocation, both words can be used to define work as more than “work”, they mean something beyond passion, your vocation or calling is deeply rooted in you. How can you make your practice reflect your commitment to the work you do?


Disrupting the monotony you have fallen into and seeking a Blue Ocean Strategy for your firm so you can effect a shift in the functional-emotional orientation of the estate planning industry will allow you to bring fulfillment to your work as an estate planning attorney. Beyond even you, this strategic shift will bring more fulfillment to your team members and to the clients and their families that you counsel.

Hopping off the soap box now!

We truly believe that implementing an ongoing client care program in your firm will allow you to redefine your clients because you won’t be seeking out the ones who want a one and done interaction, to shape trends in the estate planning industry because you will no longer be stuck in the old paradigm of transaction, and to unlock unprecedented value not only for your clients by guaranteeing you will take care of them and their families as they go through changes, but also for your firm because you will generate predictable and recurring revenue.

Be a pioneer with us as we work to help firms across the country one at a time redefine their processes so together we can all change the function-emotional orientation of the estate planning industry from transactional to relational and transformational. Join us in spreading this Blue Ocean Shift by signing up for our Fall Foundations Workshop so you can not only start taking care of families and reorienting your firm to be vocational, but so you don’t get left behind in outmoded estate planning.

Email our Program Coordinator, Megan Davitt, to sign up today!

Time to make a deal with disruption instead of avoiding it.