Unlock Your Potential

Unlock Your Potential

Being able to unlock your firm’s and your own full potential may be a challenge. At times we get comfortable in the way we are doing things and may not be open to opportunities that are present. Unfortunately, we get busy and “good enough” becomes the standard as running our practices and “getting the next case in” becomes the priority. For most of the firms we have coached through Client Care Academy, they knew there was more that they could do to take of their clients and their families.

Years ago, when we first began evaluating our own firm and how we were taking care of our clients, we realized how easy it was stick to what other firms do in a transactional model: draft documents, help fund assets (if we can), and remind them to call us. We conveniently followed the legal standard of “limiting the scope” of our representation as we were taught in law school. Although this was the legal standard, it did not hit us right, especially when clients died. Assets were not aligned, the plan was outdated, and families not taken care of. We tried everything we could under the transactional model and came to the realization that it was not our efforts or intentions that were falling short. The harsh reality was our “transactional model” prevented us from providing services that delivered on what we promised.

The best way we found to take care of families is to have an ongoing relationship and make a commitment to “track assets” so that we had the best updated information for our clients and their families upon death or disability. After taking a good look at ourselves and our systems in the mirror, we saw how the old way of doing things was inefficient and kept us from being able to better serve our clients and their families. Making a fundamental change became obvious. This was the catalyst that led us to conceive the idea of an ongoing client care program.

After the adoption of our ongoing client care program, we became closer to our clients and their families, better served our clients, and became more profitable.

Through your future ongoing client care program, you will be able to spend more time with your clients and their families, align your systems consistent with the results you want, and be compensated for the increased value you will be providing.

Our Foundations Workshop guarantees that you and your team will create a customized client care program that you can implement the day you return to your office. You and your team will discover the true value you have been providing your clients and the value you will deliver in the future. The difference is that you will not only be able to understand the value but be able to communicate that value to your clients and be compensated consistent with the great value.

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We look forward to helping you unlock your firm’s potential and helping your firm become the firm you always wanted it to be.