Meet Steve

Meet Steve

Steve Riley

Steve Riley joined the Client Care Academy as a shareholder in 2018, working alongside Vinnie to grow and expand CCA to serve estate planning and elder law attorneys who share their vision of law practices that focus on helping families throughout their lives.

Steve first practiced law as a trial attorney, acquiring a decade of experience trying more than 100 cases, including multiple jury trials. Balancing trial work with the rigors of running a practice gave Steve a thorough understanding of the challenges faced by firm owners. After 10 years of litigation, Steve transitioned his practice into estate planning and elder law and through referral-based marketing strategies, built a thriving, large practice.

The firm’s dramatic growth prompted other lawyers to seek Steve’s mentorship on growing their own practices, and he quickly became the go-to advisor for many successful practitioners. To further pursue that passion, he sold his practice and joined the nation’s premier law practice management consulting firm, Atticus, as a shareholder. Atticus currently works with approximately 500 solo and small firm owners seeking to grow their practices.

At Atticus, Steve created innovative coaching programs, including the Double Your Revenue™ workshop (featured in LawyersUSA), the Practice Growth Program™, and Dominate Your Market™. Hundreds of satisfied attorneys have successfully completed his programs and are actively building ever more successful firms with what they gained.

Steve is a highly sought-after presenter and speaker for legal association events nationally. He wrote ‘The Busy Lawyer’s Guide to the Laws of Practice Growth” and “The Busy Lawyer’s Guide to the Domestic Assistant Advantage” (both available on Amazon). He is a contributing author to six additional books, including “Basic Estate Planning” for the Florida Bar. He was a national columnist for CCH magazine on practice management. In 2006, Steve won the National Small Law Firm Practice Innovation Award.