What We’ve Been Up To

What We’ve Been Up To

Can you believe we are weeks into December already? Wasn’t it just July? The dawn of a new decade is upon us in what will seem like mere days.

At Client Care Academy, we make a commitment to walking the talk of what we will teach you in our workshops and we are committed to always growing and improving our processes to better benefit those we coach. So, as year-end approaches, we want to take a moment to talk about some big changes that happened in our firm, Family Estate Planning Law Group, primarily this fall, and share with you how we’ve been innovating in preparation for taking on 2020.

Part of what makes an ongoing client care program effective and profitable is a commitment to efficiency, continuous evolution, and sustainability. This summer we got the ball rolling on this commitment and got to work on overhauling our software in the name of improving efficiency and keeping our commitment to sustainability. It’s no secret how fast technology is changing, along with work preferences. In order to keep up with this, to be able to attract and retain a younger demographic on our team, and to increase work efficiency in our firm, we realized it was time to jump on making some big changes.

Our overarching guiding principle as we began the research was “make the software work for us”. Since we are so unique in the world of estate planning and elder law with our ongoing client care program, we knew we’d be pioneering as we set out on our quest for new software. Our goals were to move to the cloud, software integration, and cutting down the number of steps team members have to take in their work.

As anyone who has done a software migration knows, there are always snags. This fall the grunt work really ramped up with adapting some of our processes. Some processes changed completely for the better, like our intake, and others saw a minimum of a 20% increase in efficiency. We’re not going to lie, it felt overwhelming at times, but our team had their eye on the proverbial prize, and everyone was excited for our new capabilities. As we cobbled together our new software, our guiding principle of making the software work for us drove our decisions, and now we have sustainable and flexible systems from initial contact to trust administration that integrate.

As with moving to new software, you need to make your client care program work for your clients. At Client Care Academy, we will teach you the principles and the how-to of creating a successful ongoing client care program, but ultimately you will customize it to work for you. We encourage customization, but just as in using software successfully there are certain elements you must stick and adapt to, there are certain elements in our coaching you we advise you to hold fast. You can’t recode new software to fit your process like a glove, you just have to flex the features to fit your process and have a little give in your approach.

With 2020 rapidly approaching, and you’re thinking about what you can do to help your firm pivot to better care for your clients and take care of their families, add Client Care Academy into your strategy discussions. We can guide you through customizing an ongoing client care program in our Foundations WorkshopTM and help you circumvent the frustrations of funding through our SAVeTTM Workshop. Join us this year and we’ll coach you and your team to new levels of success and efficiency – we can even give you advice on overhauling software!

Register today and make 2020 the year you and your team increase profits, generate consistent and recurring revenue, and streamline your processes all while elevating how you take care of families.