Foundations Workshop™

Foundations Workshop™

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The Foundations Workshop™ is a one and a half day workshop that will take you through the basic steps and systems you need to create your own customized, profitable, and sustainable client care program you can implement immediately. You’ll come away with everything you need, including a one-year implementation road map to generating recurring revenue while providing your clients and their families with the protection that you know they need.

What you’ll learn

How to create and price your own customized, sustainable and profitable client care program.

How to effectively communicate the value of the client care program to clients and referral sources.

Topics we’ll cover

  • How to create a client care program and integrate it into your practice
  • Examine your current process – and what it could be
  • The Seven Sources of Revenue from a client care program
  • Step-by-step approach to implementing a client care program
  • You have always wanted to be the trusted advisor
  • How to convert existing clients to become members of the client care program

In addition to the workshop, you’ll receive

2 webinars in
preparation for the
Foundations Workshop™

3 follow up coaching calls

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More information coming soon!

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The cost for the Foundations Workshop™ is $7,995 (for two people), and a $500 materials charge for each additional person. We encourage
you to bring team members! If you have any questions, call or email Megan at [email protected].