5 Little Words

5 Little Words

Once again we are going to share some wisdom from Simon Sinek (if you haven’t read our post What’s Your Why, give it a quick read). Inc recently directed attention to more wisdom that Sinek shared: there is one simple, five-worded skill to master that will make you a better and smarter leader.

At Client Care Academy, we want our community of attorneys and their team members to go beyond having a client “maintenance” program, instead we focus on client care and how this extends to you and your team. In reference to What’s Your Why, by creating a foundation of why you are able to inspire your team and transform your practice. These are all signs of a great leader. Yet, as mentioned, there is one simple skill you need to keep readily available, and it can be a tough one to master. The aforementioned five little words according to Sinek are, “Be the last to speak.”

Repeat that phrase slowly. Be. The. Last. To. Speak.

Now that packs a punch. It certainly did the first time we read it here at CCA. It is so easy to be the first person to speak because you are brimming over with ideas or because as leaders, we believe it is our job to “lead”. It is our job to lead, but leadership also means taking a backseat and letting your team drive you. Leadership is an art. It is the art of inspiring your team to achieve a common goal through shared values. There is nothing more motivating than feeling heard and being given credit. Being the last to speak enables you to process all that your team members have to offer so you can synthesize it into your response and make them feel instrumental in guiding strategy and delivering on your promise to take care of families. In doing so, you are encouraging your team members to take ownership in your firm, which naturally extends itself to increased productivity and happier clients who feel your promises are genuine.

As you strategize with your team for the year ahead, and practice being the last to speak, you may be surprised at what you learn. Some key components of our workshops were born out of hearing what our team members in our own firm were frustrated with and creating systems that helped alleviate those frustrations, for example: funding. We no longer do “funding” in our firm. Instead we complete asset alignment through our proprietary SAVeTTM System, which is co-taught in our SAVeTTM Workshop by Vinnie and Kristin, our Manger of Trust Administration & Asset Alignment.

Being the last to speak enables you to be a better and smarter leader because you will learn from your team members and inspire them to grow and over deliver.

It’s amazing how five little words can make such a difference.

If you haven’t registered for our spring 2020 workshops yet, make today the day you take that step to elevate your firm and your leadership. While you attend our workshops, try being the last to speak as you go through our exercises with your team. We guarantee you will create a better ongoing client care program if you do so.

Register today – and together, with you and your team, we can help you increase profits, generate consistent and recurring revenue, and streamline your processes all while elevating how you take care of families.