Generate Predictable,

Recurring Revenue

Elevate How You Take

Care of Families

Empower Your Team &

Take Your Practice

to Extraordinary

At Client Care Academy, We are Transforming Estate Planning Law Firm Culture.

Create your own customized, profitable, and sustainable asset alignment process and
client care program that provides immediate value to the client and their families.

Your clients deserve it. So do you. We help make it happen.

Our Approach


Our process focuses on you and your team. No longer will the attorney(s) be overburdened and team members underutilized. We help you establish a team approach to estate planning and running your ongoing client care


You will come away with a customized plan to create or improve your client care program that you can implement immediately.

Profitable Mindset

Develop a new mindset for thinking about how you run your firm and work with your team. Work-life balance and an embedded sense of why you do what you do will follow you upon completing the Academy.

Want to learn more about creating a customized,
profitable, and sustainable ongoing client care
program for your clients?

This book is a great introduction into what we will cover in
the Foundations Workshop™.

Mission Statement

We are transforming the estate planning law firm culture. We are teaching lawyers how to provide clients with services that stand out for excellence and integrity, and most importantly, that elevate how they take care of client families. We will show you how to create effective, profitable and sustainable client care programs that take care of clients and generate predictable recurring revenue that helps your practice grow in size and profitability.

Client Care Academy provides the strategic shift you’ve been looking for.

Do you have thousands of client folders in your files, sitting dormant?

CCA will show you how to give them new purpose.

Do you want to increase the value of your practice before selling or retiring?

Your investment in CCA will yield the ROI you deserve.

Become the lawyer you’ve always wanted to be, generate recurring revenue, increase ROI, and create a positive change for your clients, your practice and your career. Join Client Care Academy today!

What CCA participants have to say

Josh Dorcey, Managing Partner at Dorcey Law Firm in Florida, speaks about how he wanted to create something that would be different, that would care for his clients and found the solution with the Client Care Academy.

Bill Erhart, Founder of Estate and Elder Law Services in Delaware, talks about how the Client Care Academy has easily paid for itself and has been very worthwhile for his clients, his team and his practice. The recurring revenue has also made the firm very attractive for prospective buyers.

Are you ready to take your practice to extraordinary?

Schedule your complimentary consultation to find out more about CCA and what it can do for you and your clients, or jump right in with our Foundations Workshop™ or 5 to 500 Challenge™

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Find out more about the 5 to 500 Challenge™


Find out more about the Foundations Workshop™


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Meet The Team

Client Care Academy owes its existence to founder Vinnie Bonazzoli. To learn more about Vinnie and the other Academy team members, scroll over their photo.

Vincent Bonazzoli

Vincent Bonazzoli

Attorney at Law
Megan Davitt

Megan Davitt

Program Coordinator
Steve Riley

Steve Riley


Vincent Bonazzoli

Attorney at Law

Attorney Vincent Bonazzoli is owner and founder of Family Estate Planning Law Group, operating a successful client care program since 2001. Vinnie created a unique, profitable and sustainable program with nearly 500 families enrolled and with over 90% of his clients renewing every year. His program ensures client families are cared for when a death occurs while also providing recurring revenue and a significant increase in the value of his business.

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Megan Davitt

Program Coordinator

Megan has always had a heart for elders and knew she wanted to work with them in some capacity in her career. In elementary school, she became involved in activities with the local senior center and cultivated special relationships with elders there, as well as in her church and family. While a senior at Gordon College, she was still undecided as to how this might play a role in her future choice of career. She then had the opportunity in 2006 to complete an internship with Attorney Bonazzoli's firm, Family Estate Planning Law Group. She enjoyed the field of estate planning and elder law so much, she never left!

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Steve Riley


Steve Riley joined the Client Care Academy as a shareholder in 2018, working alongside Vinnie to grow and expand CCA to serve estate planning and elder law attorneys who share their vision of law practices that focus on helping families throughout their lives.Read More