Other Practice Areas

Other Practice Areas

How Client Care Programs Work for Other Practice Areas

A New Way of Practicing Law

A growing number of law firms in different practice areas have discovered that the concepts and systems of our client care program can be used to unlock a new way of practicing law and growing their firms and their profits. For the attorney, a predictable and recurring revenue model is often the missing link in law firm profitability. With an ongoing care program, the attorney is being paid for their services, whether they include hours of meetings or frequent fifteen-minute phone calls and short tasks that in the traditional model are usually not billed. Compensation is aligned with the attorney’s time and resources. For the client, the confidence of having complete and regular access to their attorney without a steady stream of invoices is worth the recurring fee. The program leads to a higher level of client service and relationships and attorney compensation that is more satisfying to the attorney and the client. As the relationship with the client deepens, invariably additional legal needs outside of the client care program are identified and thus expand the firm’s representation beyond the initial engagement.

Who Is Using The Client Care Program Today?

Attorneys in real estate, corporate, matrimonial, intellectual property (IP), employment and regulatory law have adopted client care programs and we fully anticipate that more attorneys in more practice areas will adopt this approach to the practice of law.

Why a Client Care Program Works So Well for Clients and Law Firms

The health of the firm overall improves because the clients are self-selected. Those who agree to participate in an ongoing client care program have demonstrated their commitment to the law firm and its attorneys, as well as their respect for the services being provided.

Lowering the number of clients with an adversarial attitude, who are more focused on slashing fees than the quality of representation advances the nature of the law practice. The worst clients, who would prefer not to pay at all, will not engage in an ongoing client care program and eventually leave or be let go by the firm.

What Type of Law Firm is Suited to an Ongoing Client Care Program?

Any firm that naturally represents clients over an extended period of time could profit and grow with a client care program. This includes commercial and corporate law, especially when regulatory compliance is required. Labor and employment law, including immigration law, is an ongoing need for large employers.

How Do You Get Started?

Some attorneys have purchased Vinnie’s book, How an Ordinary Lawyer Creates and Sustains an Extraordinary Client Care Program, to start their client care programs. Others find that attending the Foundations Workshop™ gives them more structure.

One of participants, who applied these concepts to Corporate Law, said:

I attended the April meeting of the Client Care Academy as a Business Planning attorney. What most impressed me about the program was that, by the end of the two-day session, I had a Corporate Care Program and Corporate Care Planning Process, ready to go. As soon as I returned from the conference, I was able to communicate the plan to my staff and start marketing.

Kate Cerrone
Borner, Smith, Aleman, Herzog & Cerrone LLC

What Will Work Best for Your Practice?

A conversation with Vinnie Bonazzoli, the founder of the Client Care Academy, to discuss your firm, your goals and how the client care program can help is a great way to start.