SAVeT™ Workshop

SAVeT™ Workshop

The biggest hurdle in estate planning is funding.

Yet, there seems to be no way to clear this hurdle. Until now.


The Issue

There are two questions but one answer.

What’s the most important thing you need to know when somebody dies?

What’s the last thing we track as estate planning attorneys?

The Assets

If funding is critical, why does the estate planning community not have systems to make sure that we know what the assets are when someone dies? Because the upfront asset alignment or funding has been viewed as burdensome, not profitable, and bogs down the office, and we were programmed to limit the scope of our representation, treat estate planning as a transaction, and shy away from long-term relationships with our clients.

The Springboard to Success

Asset ownership is EVERYTHING!

SAVeT™ is the revolutionary approach to asset alignment, traditionally called funding. SAVeT™ will transform your team, your mindset, and systems when it comes to the asset alignment process, i.e. funding. In this day and a half workshop we address and help you and your team overcome the asset alignment/funding hurdle. We teach you how to change your mindset when it comes to asset alignment and how to simplify the process so you will be more profitable. Most importantly, you will provide immediate value to your client while they’re alive and also make things easier for them and
their family after they die.

What you’ll learn

The revolutionary approach to funding: The SAVeT™  Process. Simplify, Align, Verify, Track

How to create an efficient, streamlined, and profitable asset alignment and verification process that will lead into your ongoing client care program.

How to reduce the burden on your legal team by implementing the revolutionary SAVeT™ System to efficiently align assets and using technology to instantaneously align certain assets.

Barriers we’ll overcome

  • Clients not giving you the financial information you need
  • The idea that clients can do it on their own (we all know that’s false)
  • “Clients won’t don’t see the value in the funding and won’t pay us for the value we provide”
  • “We have to get to the next case in order to be profitable”
  • “We lose money on funding”
  • Dealing with too many institutions. There are too many banks and financial institutions and the processes and forms are not uniform and there is poor communication or non at all between clients and the financial institutions to make sure what was asked to have done is completed. No verification.
  • A frustrated team by the lack of systems, processes, and the back and forth between the client and financial institutions
  • Overwhelmed funding department

Topics we’ll cover

  • How asset ownership during life drastically effects what happens during trust administration
  • How to simplify your clients’ lives, reduce the burden on your team, reduce your overhead, and increase the value you provide to the client and their families
  • How to align specific assets and the techniques that are used to reduce the steps it takes to get those assets aligned
  • How to conduct an asset alignment meeting in a team setting
  • The importance of the asset verification process and how to simplify the asset alignment process, before you even start drafting a document

Our experience

Over the last 35 years, the way we communicate the value of asset alignment to clients has transformed. As a result of dealing with numerous financial institutions and their ever growing restrictions forced us to change our thought process, systems, and approach to dealing with assets. Come join us to learn what to do in regards to assets beforehand in life, so that upon trust administration you are taking care of families consistent with the promises that you make.

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The cost for the SAVeT™ Workshop is $4,995 (for two people), and a $500 materials charge for each additional person. We encourage you
to bring team members! If you have any questions, call or email Megan at [email protected].