Last Foundations Workshop For 2018 – Still a Few Seats Open – November 29 – 30

Last Foundations Workshop For 2018 – Still a Few Seats Open – November 29 – 30

Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations are filling the stores, and you and your staff are already groaning under yet another end-of-year crunch. You swore last year that you wouldn’t put yourself or your staff through this again, but here you are – same time of year, same slog through estate planning details and documents that could have gotten taken care of all year long.

If you really want to make things change in 2019, we have the solution to the fourth quarter crunch. It’s also the solution to cash flow, building your practice and time management.  It’s a client care program, the one we’ve used and refined for decades and are now sharing with law firms in practice areas nationwide.

How can we be so sure that our solution will also work for you?

Let’s start with this: we’re so confident in how well this works that we offer a money-back guarantee. We don’t know too many programs who are that confident. We are.

Next, we can offer you one last opportunity to attend a Client Care Academy Foundations Workshop in 2018, at the lowest price, at the end of November 29-30. The Foundations Workshop is currently priced at $3,995 (for two people), and a $500 materials charge for each additional person. In 2019, prices will increase to $7,995 in 2019. That’s another reason to register for the Foundations Workshop today.

How will this program help you avoid the fourth quarter crunch? Because you’ll change how you do things in 2019. You’ll bring new clients on board as part of your client care program, working with them throughout the year to create documents, holding family meetings and conducting asset verification and alignment.  You and your team will also turn to your A-list clients (and onlyyour A-list clients) to introduce your client care program to them and invite them to become part of your new practice.

You’ll spend the entire year watching your clients, team members and attorneys change their thinking about how the practice operates. Cash flow will be better because you have a steady stream of revenue coming from new clients and converting clients. You’re not going to work crazy hours because you’ll be running an on-going professional practice, not one that works in fits and starts. You’ll be meeting more trusted advisors and family members throughout the year, and they’ll understand that your priority is to take care of the family members at the time that the client dies.

That’s when we find out if the estate plan works or not. Not when it’s being drafted, not when it’s being signed, but when the client dies, and the family is faced with the real proof of the estate plan’s efficacy.

It’s a different way to think about estate planning, about client service and about running a law office.

Still not convinced? We’re finding that more and more attorneys are reading the book first, then signing up for a workshop. You can learn more about the book, “How an Ordinary Lawyer Creates and Sustains an Extraordinary Client Care Program,” and order it here.

We encourage you and your team to sign up for the final Foundations Workshop before the price increase.

If your schedule is too busy for you to join us this year, check back with us – new dates are being planned for 2019.

If you have any questions, please let us know. You can reach Megan Davitt, Program Coordinator, at [email protected] or 888-341-6222.