Do Estate Planning Clients Hesitate to Call You Because of Cost Concerns?

Do Estate Planning Clients Hesitate to Call You Because of Cost Concerns?

It’s a double-edged sword. You’d like clients to call you when they have a question, because you want to take good care of them, and often those conversations lead to more work that they didn’t realize you can do for them.

But just as many times, when clients call, that “quick question” turns into a 20, 30 or hour- long conversation that takes you away from other work. And even when you hear the little voice in your head saying, “I should be billing for this time,” you say to them, “No problem, happy to help” and no invoice is sent.

Even when they ask you to send them a bill for your time.

This is not the only problem solved by a well-integrated client care program, but it’s the most obvious one.

The first thing that we love about our client care program is that we are taking better care of our clients and their families. The second is the increased profitability.

Here’s where the profits are:

  • The annual fee from new clients and the conversion fee for existing clients who join the program.
  • The additional work that comes from clients resulting from more in-depth conversations about their needs.
  • Referrals from colleagues, family and friends, based on closer relationships with clients.
  • Trust administration: why would the family go to another source, when you already have everything they need?
  • Referrals from other trusted advisors who attend family meetings.

I’m occasionally asked if the client care program results in too much work.

If someone asked you if you wanted more 100 clients, you probably would not say,”No, it’s too much work.” You’d welcome the opportunity to grow your practice and its profitability.

That’s why we believe in the client care program that we have developed, which is being used by attorneys in estate planning, elder care, intellectual property, real estate, corporate, matrimonial and regulatory law.

Some have done it after reading my book, “How an Ordinary Lawyer Creates and Sustains an Extraordinary Client Care Program,” but most start by attending a Foundations Workshop.

If you’re ready to attend a workshop, you’ll want to catch the last one of 2018 – set for November 29 – 30 in Orlando Florida – details and registration info here.

The Foundations Workshop is currently priced at $3,995 (for two people), and a $500 materials charge for each additional person. In 2019, prices will increase to $7,995 in 2019. That’s another reason to register for the Foundations Workshop today.

To learn more, or if you have any questions, contact Megan Davitt, Program Coordinator: [email protected], or call 888-341-6222.

We look forward to hearing from you.