How’d Your Law Firm Do in 2018?

How’d Your Law Firm Do in 2018?

If you haven’t had a minute to think about your estate planning law firm’s overall success over the last eleven months, we have a recommendation. Schedule a meeting with your accountant between now and Thanksgiving.

If you don’t have an hour to spare to assess your practice’s performance, then you have a time management program that a client care program can help you with.

And if you have more than an hour to spare, then it’s time to start asking the questions we ask our team at the end of every meeting: What worked? And more importantly, what didn’t work?

Did you have a steady stream of new clients coming in who were mostly “A” level clients? Or was it another year of roller-coaster riding, where you went out and did some face-to-face marketing or tested the waters with an email campaign that worked great, then you got too busy and stopped the marketing and the new client stream dried up, then you returned to marketing and, well, you know the pattern we’re talking about.

And are you anticipating facing a New Year when it all starts again on the first day you return to the office in January?

We have a better way for you to move forward in 2019.

The concept is simple. It’s a client care program. You’ve heard about the concept. At its essence: clients pay an annual fee, they receive access throughout the year, and the firm builds a relationship with the client that is deeper than just creating documents and wishing them well. You also get to know family members, the professionals they work with and, one of our favorite parts, you become the trusted advisor you’d wanted to become when you started out in this practice area.

Your firm and your team are not just creating documents. You’re protecting the family so that when one of the spouses dies, the estate is properly distributed, there are no surprises and the family can focus on grieving their loss and moving on with their lives.

Maybe you’ve even tried to implement a client care program on your own, but it did not work. You didn’t have the systems in place, or your team wasn’t on board. But we have devoted nearly two decades to creating, refining and perfecting a client care program that works for our firm, and for the last few years, we’ve been teaching others. The success of the firms that come through our Client Care Academy inspires and energizes us.

They have done it – you can too.

You’ve got one last chance to attend the Client Care Academy Foundations Workshop in 2018 before the price increases. For November 29-30, the price is $3,995 for two people, and a $500 materials charge for each additional person. In 2019, prices will increase to $7,995.

The workshop is held at the Orlando Hyatt Regency International Airport hotel and conference center.  We’ve made it logistically as easy as possible. You and your team will leave with everything you need, including a one-year implementation roadmap to generate recurring revenue while giving your clients and their families the protection you know they need.

Interested? You can register online, or if you have any questions, call Megan Davitt, our Program Director at 888-637-03055 -or email [email protected].