Last Foundations Workshop for 2018 – November 29 -30

Last Foundations Workshop for 2018 – November 29 -30

We are encouraging attorneys and their team members to put November 29 and 30 on your schedules and register today for the final Foundations Workshop of 2018. It takes place at the Orlando, Airport Hyatt Regency. We’ve made it easy: fly in, hop on the shuttle, come up the elevator, and you’re on site, where you spend Thursday afternoon and Friday learning a lot of material, absorbing new ideas and gaining insights from other practitioners as well as from Vinnie.

One of our attorneys from a recent Foundations Workshop told us that he did a lot of homework before deciding to join us. He looked at a variety of programs, but none of them matched exactly what he was looking for – a client care program that would help him take better care of client families in his practice.

We were flattered that he selected us, as we could tell he is very careful about where he devotes his time and attention.

If you’re considering coming to the workshop, but are a little undecided, here’s a very pragmatic perspective:

There are two kinds of clients. One who walks in your door and understands the value of what you offer. They respect your years of experience, the knowledge that you have worked to acquire during the course of your career and the importance of their estate plan. That’s your “A” client.

Then there’s the client who walks in the door and almost immediately you know there will be a lot of time lost over small matters. Documents will need to be sent repeatedly, despite the diligence of your team, and every step of the process is going to be a struggle and a negotiation. Including your fee.

We don’t have those clients in our estate planning practice and we’re really pleased that don’t have them in the Academy either.

Our client care program selects out the clients who don’t value what we do for them. We let them know up front that we are interviewing them for their job as clients as much as they are interviewing us to be their estate planning attorneys. The ones who don’t wish to invest in becoming a part of our client care program don’t become clients. And we’re happy with that. As a result, our practice runs like clockwork. We enjoy what we do for our clients, and they truly appreciate us.

We take that same approach to the Client Care Academy members. We want to work with attorneys and teams who are dedicated to providing their clients with a professional service, a personal touch, and the best possible planning for the families. We know that’s a select group, and we’re okay with that.

As a result, we really enjoy presenting our Foundations Workshop. It’s deeply rewarding and very personally gratifying to go through the learning process with our attorneys and team members and watch as they learn how to take this new approach to serving clients.

We help our Academy members as they develop processes and systems and are part of their success as their practices grow and, if appropriate for them, take the next step and become part of the 5 to 500 Challenge.

It’s not for everyone. But then, we wouldn’t want it to be. The Client Care Academy is for those who are dedicated to taking care of their clients while creating a profitable estate planning and elder law firm.

If that sounds like what you had in mind when you started your legal career, we’d love to talk with you.

Our next Foundations Workshop is set for November 29 – 30th. Registration details are here.

You may find it helpful to read Vinnie’s book, How an Ordinary Lawyer Creates and Sustains an Extraordinary Client Care Program if you want deeper insights into the philosophies and realities of a client care program.

If you’ve got any questions, we’d like to hear from you. Please feel free to reach out to Megan Davitt, Program Coordinator: [email protected], or call us 888-341-6222.

We want to remind you that the Foundations Workshop, currently priced at $3,995 (for two people), and a $500 materials charge for each additional person, will increase to $7,995 in 2019. That’s another reason to register for the Foundations Workshop today!