Class of September 2018 – Thank you and an Invitation

Class of September 2018 – Thank you and an Invitation

What an amazing experience we had at last week’s Client Care Academy Foundation Workshop!

Our thanks to all who attended, and to partners WealthCounsel and ElderCounsel. We were delighted to have Patrick Carlson, Manager of Practice Development, and Yvonne Olivere, Manager of Legal Education, from WealthCounsel, join us for two days of intense learning.

We had a great group—everyone was on board with the concept of a client care program and excited about the prospect of bringing their estate planning and elder law practices to a new level of excellence and profitability. The excitement wasn’t limited to the attorneys. Office managers and team members were ready go from the moment we started.

And speaking of team members – the Foundations Workshop is one of very few programs where so much focus is placed on the team members. We do that for a reason. We know that your staff members are the first ones clients speak with, the ones who keep your practice on track and usually the ones who make sure to cross the “t’s” and dot the “i’s.”

That’s why we have them stand up and describe your practice and, if they have also come to the workshop, their fellow team members. Team members bring a different perspective to our workshops.

They know when you are spending half the day on the phone with a client in a difficult situation, who asks you to send an invoice, and you demur. They also know when a difficult client makes a simple situation time consuming and complicated—and never gets a bill for your time.

We give your team members a big voice in the Foundations Workshop because we have seen, over and over again, that when the attorneys aren’t sure about taking the next step in putting the client care program into action, they tell clients that there’s something new happening at the office, and how excited YOU are about it.

“We’ve got something new to tell you, and Brian/Sally/Pat will talk to you about it at your meeting tomorrow.”

The team members also see the value that the client care program brings to your clients. How by making sure that you are gathering all of their asset information and making sure POAs are in place, they and the attorneys devote less time to frantic searches and more time to thoughtful planning to protect the family.

And isn’t that what you went into this practice area of law to do in the first place?

You are only a few clicks away from taking your practice to extraordinary!

Our next Foundations Workshop is set for November 29 – 30th. Registration details are here.

Here’s another reason to register for the November program: prices are going up in 2019.

The November 29-30 Foundations Workshop is $3,995 (for two people), and a $500 materials charge for each additional person. We encourage you to bring team members—they make all the difference!
Still on the fence? Read the book, How an Ordinary Lawyer Creates and Sustains an Extraordinary Client Care Program to learn about the philosophies and realities of a client care program.

If you have any questions, please call Megan Davitt, Program Coordinator: [email protected], or call 888-341-6222.