You Can Lead a Horse to Water… or a Client to An Appointment…

You Can Lead a Horse to Water… or a Client to An Appointment…

We estate planning and elder law attorneys know how important it is to update documents, check beneficiary designations and title assets properly.  But just as leading your favorite horse to water does not mean he will drink, no amount of cajoling, pleading or even describing nightmare scenarios will move most clients to update their estate plan on a regular basis—until truly they understand the value of doing so.

We know this from experience.  The Client Care Academy in its present form came into when one of Vinnie’s most informed and educated clients failed to understand a key concept about updating her documents.  He realized if she was not getting it, then those clients who were less engaged with estate planning were never going to fully grasp the value.

Here’s what he learned: the client will only understand the value and importance of estate planning in general and updating documents and tracking assets in particular if their estate planning attorney facilitates their own discovery of realizing what estate planning can do for them and their family.

They have to figure it out for themselves. Our job, and what we do in the Client Care Academy, is to teach attorneys how to take their clients through this process so they really, truly, get it. Once they do, everything else is much easier.

When clients understand that the focus is for the family to be taken care of in case of death or disability, and that ongoing legal services will achieve this, they get the value of their attorney as well.

Hear Vinnie Bonazzoli explain this in his own words.

CCA – Transform The Way You and the Client Think About Estate Planning from Integrity Marketing Solutions on Vimeo.

No computer program, tech advancement or online company will be able to fully address the myriad of issues that an evolved estate planning attorney needs to tackle.

If this sounds like how you’d like to practice law, take a look at our upcoming Foundations Workshop – we’re partnering with WealthCounsel and ElderCounsel, September 20 – 21 in Orlando Florida. Details and registration information is all here.