What Clients Don’t Know About Estate Planning

What Clients Don’t Know About Estate Planning

In three clicks, your potential clients can find more estate planning law firms than they know what to do with.

They can also download documents that, to the untrained layperson, appear to solve the entire estate planning problem.

We can help set your law firm apart, with the Client Care Academy. Your competition is tough, but a client care program can take your estate planning practice in a direction that will change how you and your clients think about estate planning.

Client care programs are the gift that keeps on giving. A client care program:

  • Tells your clients that you are committed to a higher level of service.
  • Communicates that your firm is engaged with clients on a deeper level.
  • Eliminates prospects who are shopping for services purely on price.
  • Self-selects team members who are dedicated to client service.

A client care program fosters a culture of service, unlike any other law firm practice management tool we know – and we have tried them all.

When you tell clients that you offer a client care program, they may not understand at first. You’ll learn how to convey this information to them as part of the Client Care Academy Foundations Workshop. Once you get it, and they get it, the rewards are many.

A successful client care program for an estate planning law practice, or, for that matter, any kind of law practice,boils down to two words: service and value.

If your website is better than another law firm, that may get them to pick up the phone or send an email. But that alone won’t keep them with your firm for a lifetime, or two or even three generations.

Impressive credentials will attract some clients, but most clients don’t differentiate between the attorney who made Law Review or attended an Ivy League law school. You’ve heard this joke before: “What do they call the medical student who graduates 699 out of a class of 700?”


The client has to understand that your firm is different from other firms, and value the services that your firm performs on their behalf. That’s what the client care program will do for them.

For the attorney, the client care program creates recurring revenue, quality clients and a steadier stream of work. No more peaks and valleys, wondering when the next appointment is coming in the door. And you won’t be dependent upon seminars, mailings, free dinners, etc. Your closer relationship with clients and their advisors will put you and your practice into a completely different position.

One of the things lawyers like about our workshops is that they are working sessions. When you leave, you will have roadmap for an entire year, and systems that are designed to be adapted to your practice. Just as there is no one-size-fits-all estate plan, there is no one-size-fits-all client care program. You’ll work hard during these workshops, and so will the team members that attend with you. But we know you’ll agree that the results will be worth your time, effort and investment.

Learn more at the Client Care Academy website. We encourage you to join us for either of two workshops—we’re doing one in September and a second in November. Or check out my book – some attorneys have used it to start their own client care program just by using the book.

Note that prices will be going up in 2019, so this is a good time to register.

We know that the estate planning practice is changing. With the Client Care Academy workshops or the book, you have the opportunity to be on the forefront of that change!