Registration is Still Open for Fall Client Care Academy Workshops

Registration is Still Open for Fall Client Care Academy Workshops

It’s a vicious cycle for estate planning law firms. You start off the year networking like crazy, spending a lot of time outside of the office, and then get slammed with a lot of work….but while you and your team are busy catching up, the number of appointments in your calendar begins to slow down…so you start going out to networking events and investing first quarter income into marketing…and then things start to build up again…

It’s a roller coaster ride. And it’s hard to be the trusted advisor while your time and attention are busy riding the ups and downs.

We don’t have that in our office. And you don’t have to have it anymore either.

This is one of the many benefits of a client care program: a steady stream of work: quality clients who don’t balk at an annual fee, because they know that they are receiving the best service and who understand the value of what you and your team do for them.

The care that our office provides to our clients makes competition irrelevant. We will teach you how to do the same thing, for your practice.

You’ll learn how to build the systems that take care of the client’s family in the event of death or disability. You’ll create one that fits your practice. We can show you how.

What’s your next step?

Keep doing the same-old, same-old, and hope that things go better in 2019?

Or make the changes that will

  • Improve the quality of service you provide to your clients.
  • Generate recurring revenue for your practice.
  • Shift your firm’s focus on what the client really needs.

If this sounds like a better way to run your practice, we’ve got three different ways for you to embrace a client care program:

There are TWO workshops taking place this Fall:

September 20 – 21 – Open only to WealthCounsel or ElderCounsel members.

November 29- 30th – Open to all attorneys.

Note that workshop prices will be going up in 2019, so this fall is your best time to attend!

If you can’t make either workshop, you might want to start out with the bookHow an Ordinary Lawyer Creates and Sustains an Extraordinary Client Care Program.

The book serves as a great introduction to the client care program concept, and some attorneys have used it to create their programs. But, the information and materials you’ll get from the workshops will get you up to speed much faster.

If you have any questions, please call – we’d love to hear from you. Megan Davitt is our Program Coordinator and she can help with any questions you might have: [email protected], or call 888-341-6222.