Gain Profitability and Maintain Market Share with a Client-Centered Practice

Gain Profitability and Maintain Market Share with a Client-Centered Practice

Were you surprised when you launched your own law firm and it wasn’t that easy? Not only were clients not beating down the door, but you had to explain to more than a few of them why they needed your help in the first place.

Practicing law was never an easy profession, and it has only become more challenging.

We can help you take care of your clients, increase your revenue and price per case and increase your referrals.

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Still don’t think you need a client care program? Think about this:

Law firms today are under fire from all sides:

We are competing with digital legal services that promise to deliver comprehensive estate planning to a generation of young adults who are used to doing everything online.
We compete with companies that are not even law firms, but sales companies spending thousands of dollars on marketing boilerplate trusts to unsuspecting consumers.
We have to continually invest in infrastructure—technology, software systems, training—that is changing at a faster pace than ever before. If we don’t, we cannot operate fast enough to provide the level of service that clients expect.
For the attorney who is a few years out of law school and launched a new firm, it’s a daunting scenario. For the more senior practitioner who thought they’d be handing over the reins to an equity partner at this stage of their careers, it’s a battle to hold onto your market share.

A client care program will make your law firm stand out from the competition, weed out clients who don’t value your services and deepen relationships with clients to the extent that the next generation in their families—who might have otherwise done their will online—will come to you instead.

What about profitability? Many attorneys don’t understand that they are losing income, but once they get clear on how much money is flying out the window (or more accurately, through the telephone and emails), then they understand how much income a client care program captures to dramatically ratchet up their profitability. This profitability increase occurs not just in smaller firms – we’ve seen it succeed in firms with multiple offices or single offices, twenty-five team members or five.

For our practice, we set a price for our estate planning clients that worked for our firm, in our market. We won’t tell you what your number should be. Every market and every law firm is different. But we can help you figure out what you should be charging for your client care program. From experience, we know you are going to set the number way too low at first. We can guide you through that process, by the way. We’ve been there, and we’ve helped many firms with this issue.

Once you see how this works, we are confident that you’ll not only boost your pricing, you’ll boost the quality of your client base. But that’s for another post.

If this interests you, registration is now open for the March 2019 Foundations Workshop, March 28 – Friday, March 29 in Orlando, Florida. Click here for details and to register.

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