Client Care Academy Attends and Speaks at the Atticus Summit

Client Care Academy Attends and Speaks at the Atticus Summit

I wish you could have all been there.

Last week’s Atticus Summit was a gathering of nearly 300 like-minded lawyers and team leaders, learning how to grow our practices and being inspired by each other and guest speakers.

I was honored to be invited to present a program on the Client Care Academy.

My audience included many estate planning and elder law attorneys, as well as lawyers practicing in family law, business law, real estate, commercial finance and litigation. They are all involved in Atticus as part of their continued professional and personal growth.

In other words, they are the kind of attorneys who understand the concepts of a client care program:

  • Their first priority is making sure that their clients are well taken care of.
  • They are dedicated to providing clients with superior representation.
  • They think of themselves as entrepreneurial business owners as well as practicing attorneys.

It was a wonderful experience for Megan, Program Director of the Client Care Academy, and me. We attend Atticus sessions on a quarterly basis, I am also a coach for Atticus, and this organization has had a significant impact on how my own estate planning practice has grown.

What does that have to do with your practice?

My practice has grown because of the client care program I developed, and having a team of advisors and coaches like Atticus was part of my learning curve. You have a more efficient option: you and your team can go directly to the end results that happen with a client care program.

Wondering if this would work for you? Consider this:

Our firm has 500 clients with a 90% renewal rate.

When you’re going back to the office on January 2, starting from zero all over again, our law firm is in a very different place. We send out our renewal notices in October. By year’s end, 90% of 500 clients have renewed their client care program. On January 2, we are not starting from zero. We are starting with resources that allow us to pay our expenses, our team and ourselves. We don’t like to brag. We’re from New England. But our profitability level is robust.

If you and your team are ready to take a different approach this year, with your practice and your profits, we are holding the first Foundations Workshop of 2019 in Orlando, Florida on March 29 and 30th.

Learn more about how other law firms have transformed their practices with the Client Care Academy on our testimonials page.

You and your team will come away with everything you need, including a one-year implementation roadmap to generating recurring revenue while giving your clients and their families the protection you know they need. Registration is now open.

If March seems too far away, you can start with my book, “How an Ordinary Lawyer Creates and Sustains an Extraordinary Client Care Program.”