Attorneys, Why Wait to Be the Lawyer You’ve Always Wanted?

Attorneys, Why Wait to Be the Lawyer You’ve Always Wanted?

Now is the time to begin your journey to create your client care program!

What comprises the lawyer you’ve always wanted to be:

Taking care of your clients and their families
Having recurring revenue for your firm
Relationships (not transactions) with your clients
Being paid for the value you provide your clients
Increasing the value for your firm
What is holding you back from achieving this? Is it the fear that the client will not see the value; or the fear that you do not know what services to provide? Maybe it’s the fear that you do not know how to communicate the value, or that you have tried it before (or others have said they tried it) and it did not work. Could be a combination of fears?

No matter what is stopping you, it’s time to take your foot off the brake. Sign up for the Client Care Academy Foundations session in Orlando, FL March 28, 29, 2019 and we can help you and your firm breakthrough whatever fear or concern is stopping you and propel you towards success.

We have trained hundreds of attorneys and their teams to create their own customized, sustainable and profitable client care program with our proven methods and coaching. We teach you and your team to understand the true value you provide by implementing a client care program, how to communicate the value, help you determine what your customized client care program will provide and most importantly we give you the confidence and the tools to help you take care of your clients and their families while creating recurring revenue and increasing the value of your firm. We teach you how to achieve the relationships you have always wanted to have with your clients, and we guarantee you will see an increase in value in your firm and an increase in profits. Say goodbye to the old way of thinking where you focus on drafting the perfect documents, and instead focus on educating clients and helping them fully understand the value of having an ongoing relationship with your firm.

You can grow your business and have a successful client care program. There is no reason to wait to become the lawyer you’ve always wanted: a lawyer who knows their process won’t fail and a lawyer who takes care of families.

Join us in March by emailing our Program Coordinator, Megan Davitt.