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Welcome to the Client Care Program Resource Center, where you’ll gain a better understanding of what a client care program is and what it can mean for your practice, your team and your clients. If you have any questions after reading the articles, watching the videos or learning what other attorneys have accomplished, please call us at 888-341-6222 or email [email protected] to learn more about how your practice can benefit from a client care program.


“Quite frankly, I was glad I hadn’t put a lot of time into trying to create a client care program prior to attending the Academy. Vinnie delivered a turn-key, proven system I doubt I could’ve come close to duplicating, much less improving. The Academy is one of the best investments I’ve made in my business. It makes sense and the real beneficiaries are clients and their families.”
-Guy G.

“We’d tried to create a client care program before, but on our own we couldn’t communicate the value. When we brought our team to the Academy, we got team buy-in, created a customized program and got the systems to implement immediately! With continued coaching, we’ve been able to refine our processes. None of this would be possible without Vinnie and the Academy!”
-Richard J.

“Vinnie allowed our team to design a program that fit us, which was key to our success. Because the Academy doesn’t provide a one-size-fits-all program, we had staff buy-in from the beginning. We were able to buy 13 years of tried-and-true experience and the framework, accountability and creative energy to design our plan with confidence. It was worth every penny of admission.”
-Josh D.

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What should my client care program include?

We believe that every program should be customized to fit a firm’s culture, values, beliefs and resources. There is no one-size-fits-all, but we have identified seven service areas that we believe every firm should address. Academy member firms will determine what services they will offer in each area. By the end of the Client Care Foundations Workshop, you will have created your firm’s customized client care program.

Will clients see the value of the program and pay me every year?

We have nearly 500 families enrolled in our client care program and, since the inception of the program, over 90% of those clients renew each year. When we describe our program, clients typically state, “Why would anyone ever hire an estate planner without a client care program?” We have spoken to thousands of individuals and professionals about client care programs and the only people who question its value or whether clients will pay for a maintenance program are the attorneys! The bottom line is, when communicated well, almost everyone sees the value.

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New Estate Planning Model Takes Care of Families – An in-depth examination of the inherent problems that occur as a result of the traditional model of estate planning, and how a proactive model increase the chances for a successful result for clients. This article appeared in The WealthCounsel Quarterly.

Financial Value Implications of Employing the Client Maintenance System – Looking at a client care program, written by Greg Hamilton-Piercy, CFA, a colleague at KLR.

The Family Meeting – An Essential Part of the Estate Planning Process – A look at how the family meeting plays a part in the traditional estate planning process and the new paradigm in estate planning, the client care program, published in The WealthCounsel Quarterly.

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Make 2019 the Year You Start Your Client Care Program

Wondering if a client care program is right for your firm? Have you been thinking about a client care program, but aren’t sure where to start, what to offer, how to price it or if your clients would even be receptive?

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