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Together with you, we want to transform the estate planning culture. We want to provide clients with service that stands out for its excellence, leadership and integrity, but most importantly, service that takes care of families. Together, we can create effective, profitable and sustainable client care programs that take care of clients, keep estate plans updated, and generate predictable recurring revenues that help your business grow.

By Joining the Client Care Academy, You Will:


As estate planners, we take care of families. We're not just scriveners or document producers. Our first step is to go back and re-frame the estate planning conversation in our own minds. Documents have historically been the focus of any estate planning conversation, but what do we look at first after a client passes? Asset ownership! Together, we'll start with the end in mind: alignment, verification and ongoing tracking of assets are the key.


By the workshop's end, you and your team will create your new customized client care program. You'll outline the process for each client, the services included, the access clients receive to you and your team, and set a price for the value you deliver to the client. Additionally, we'll look into the marketing opportunities inherent in the creation of your client care program.


Even after creating your program, you still need to communicate its benefits to your clients and referral sources. We've found there is a very specific way to communicate that value: just as you needed to re-frame the conversation in your own mind, your clients must adjust their understanding of what you do, as well. We'll discuss key points in communicating its value so clients will ask why they'd ever hire an estate planner without a client care program!


Creating a client care program takes a team! Between the Academy and your firm, you can build a successful, profitable program that takes care of clients and their families. We'll work together to frame out responsibilities for both attorney and non-attorney team members. You may be shocked to realize what you're already giving away for free!


Your mission is clear: you and your team take care of families. But you're also running a business. The two don't have to be mutually exclusive! We'll demonstrate how a client care program isn't just the best option for your clients, it's the best way to grow your business. With your client care program, you'll have more goodwill from clients, receive referrals from the professionals they work with and generate regular recurring revenue. These make up just a few of the additional revenue streams from your new program. Together, we'll look at ways to capture these new revenues and watch your business flourish.

Member Benefits

Over the course of our two day intensive workshop, you'll receive:

  • Coaching, training and all the tools you'll need to create your own customized client care program
  • Scripts, marketing templates and our unique initial meeting system to effectively communicate the value of your program
  • Presentations to educate your clients and referral sources as part of your ongoing educational services
  • The complete Family Care Meeting system with agendas, procedures and presentation
  • Client screening matrix and existing client conversion system to identify new and existing clients who will benefit from your new program
  • Client engagement letters, forms and templates designed to market, attract and engage clients
  • Methods and templates to track your progress and new revenue
  • Three months of coaching to come alongside you and your team as you implement your customized client care program and generate revenue

Meet The Team!

The Client Care Academy owes its existence to founder Vinnie Bonazzoli. To learn more about Vinnie and the other Academy team members, click below.

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