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Picture: Vincent Bonazzoli

Vincent Bonazzoli
Attorney at Law

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Megan Davitt
Program Coordinator

The Client Care Academy owes its existence to founder Vinnie Bonazzoli. After graduating from law school and beginning his career, he was faced with a harsh reality: clients’ estate plans were failing. So began his journey toward creating a client care program.

He began his own firm, determined to create processes and systems to keep estate plans up-to-date and promote regular communication with clients. After years of trial and error, he realized he’d approached the problem the wrong way. It wasn’t just about creating excellent documents, it certainly wasn’t about getting clients to return to the office over and over, or even to return his calls. It was about taking care of clients and their families by ensuring estate plans worked. It was about asset ownership.

This revolutionized the way he approached his practice. While, of course, documents are a necessary part of any estate plan, his focus became educating clients on the impact of asset ownership on their plan. Now, instead of focusing on getting documents in hand, his clients understood that the key is aligning assets with their estate plan, verifying the correct alignment with their financial institutions and tracking changes in asset value and ownership over time.

As it grew, Vinnie received numerous inquiries from other estate planners about his client care program. Other firms wanted to know how he’d created such a program, especially one so popular with clients! He decided to share what he’d learned through trial and error over the years.

And so, the Client Care Academy was born. To date, the Academy has trained nearly 50 firms nationally on the creation, communication and delegation of client care programs. Firms have gone on to grow and produce successful programs of their own, each with their own unique flavor.

To learn more about Vinnie and the other Academy team members, click on the links below. If you would like more information about the Academy and its alumni, take a look at some of our Case Studies.

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Client Care Academy



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