Client Care Maintenance Program FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What should my client care program include?

We believe that every program should be customized to fit a firm's culture, values, beliefs and resources. There is no one-size-fits-all, but we have identified seven service areas that we believe every firm should address. Participating firms will determine what services they will offer in each area. By the end of the two day workshop, you will have created your firm's customized client care program.

Will clients see the value of the program and pay me every year?

We have nearly 500 families enrolled in our client care program and, since the inception of the program, over 90% of those clients renew each year. When we describe our program clients typically state, "Why would anyone ever hire an estate planner without a client care program?" We have spoken to thousands of individuals and professionals about client care programs and the only group of people that question its value or whether clients will pay for a maintenance program are the attorneys. The bottom line is, when communicated well, almost everyone sees the value.

Do I go back to my existing clients to offer the program?

Absolutely! We developed a process for converting existing and former clients to your new client care program. Our system is designed to build on each success. People in the Academy generate significant income immediately by following our systems and using the scripts we have designed and refined over the past almost twenty years. The more former clients you have in your archives, the more revenue you will generate -- as long as you follow the systems and the scripts designed by the Academy.

Do I need to have annual meetings and update documents every year?

No to both! You customize your client care program to fit your firm and decide what services to provide. Some firms offer annual or regular meetings and others do not. Some update documents and others do not. We do not have annual meetings with our clients, nor do we update documents annually. We choose to allow our clients to schedule meetings when they feel it's needed, as long as the requests are reasonable. In doing so, we only update documents as needed. When you attend the Academy, you will participate in an intensive exercise to determine what services your firm will provide. It will become clear what fits your firm and your clients.

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