Client Care Maintenance Program • Case Studies

Coming soon: Hear the in-depth stories of three attorneys whose firms participated in the Client Care Academy. You'll hear how the Academy and instituting a client care program has positively impacted their client satisfaction, significantly growing their practices in the process.

Here are a few thoughts from past participants:

"Quite frankly, I was glad I hadn't put a lot of time into trying to create a client care program prior to attending the Academy. Vinnie delivered a turn-key, proven system I doubt I could've come close to duplicating, much less improving. The Academy is one of the best investments I've made in my business. It makes sense and the real beneficiaries are clients and their families."
-Guy G.

"After attending the Academy, our clients and attorneys are happier because there's a process to hold the client and the office accountable to the end results of a trust-centered estate plan. I was extremely glad we decided to move ahead on this and would definitely do this program all over again based on the outcome: over 50 clients in the program in the first year. I wish we had done it sooner!"
-Charlie C.

"We'd tried to create a client care program before, but on our own we couldn't communicate the value. When we brought our team to the Academy, we got team buy-in, created a customized program and got the systems to implement immediately! With continued coaching, we've been able to refine our processes. None of this would be possible without Vinnie and the Academy!"
-Richard J.

"Vinnie allowed our team to design a program that fit us, which was key to our success. Because the Academy doesn't provide a one-size-fits-all program, we had staff buy-in from the beginning. We were able to buy 13 years of tried-and-true experience and the framework, accountability and creative energy to design our plan with confidence. It was worth every penny of admission."
-Josh D.

"The Academy brought us to an intelligent decision about re-pricing our existing program and allowed us to think through communicating changes to clients. Vinnie gave us needed confidence by reminding us how unique our program is and how far we've come since first offering it to clients. He solidified how central our program is to our relationships with clients and our entire business model."
-Peter G.

"I had struggled to design a program that would fit my firm, but attending the Academy allowed me to focus on what I felt would be best for my clients and mesh with my practice. My key assistant attended and that was critical to our program's success. I'd encourage anyone thinking of attending the Academy to bring a key assistant to help think through the implementation of their program."
-Lance L.

Client Care Academy

Client Care Academy


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